Sprouts Juices

I’m not really a fan of juices. I get sick of hearing about them, with all of the juice fast hype. But, I think the bigger problem is that I’ve never had a juice that I liked. When I say that, I’m referring to the mixtures that you can find in stores. I love orange, pineapple or apple juice when they are served individually. I even love smoothies and shakes that are fruit based. But, I have never found a juice mixture that I genuinely enjoyed.

I thought I would give these juices from Sprouts a shot. I tend to cruise the beverage section, hoping I’ll find something I’ve never tried before. I grabbed three and gave them a shot. There weren’t many taht sounded inviting to me.

The two green ones weren’t good. The celery is very overwhelming and I could barely taste the other components. It was hard for me to drink and I didn’t enjoy it. So, I stopped drinking them. Then, I drank the orange juice. That one was ok, but I felt like Simply Orange has been better to me.

I wouldn’t buy any of these, again. I doubt I would even drink them. If you insist on trying them, they won’t agitate IBS tummies and they are (obviously) Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.

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