Emerald Cocoa Almonds

It’s so nice to find a treat I can have that is healthy. Especially when it’s sweet, but not overly so. I love chocolate, but some of them are too sweet for me. Not that it stops me. I just wish there were treats that are good and aren’t overwhelmingly sugared.

This is one of those finds. The almonds are great and filling and the cocoa is a soft coating of powder. It isn’t a sweet cocoa, just a deep chocolate flavor that is dusted on the nuts. I haven’t had any problems with these, so I am guessing that they should be good for most IBS restrictions. The nuts can be a trigger for some people with IBS and with migraines, so proceed with caution if you aren’t sure (and, of course, if you know you can’t have nuts…don’t eat them!). They are Vegan (if you don’t worry about processing cross contamination) and vegetarian friendly, also!

My only complaint about these is that I can never find a bag large enough. But, I’m sure that’s a “me problem” and not a general problem.

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