Wal-Mart Pickup

If you have problems shopping, this should help quite a bit! I know I was excited when I found it and tried it!

Walmart.com has an option on their website (it’s supposed to work in the app, but it hasn’t for me.) for pickup! You take the items you want and put them in your cart. It asks if you want to pick them up, which is free (you just have to purchase at least thirty dollars, but who buys groceries for less?)! It is shown on the landing page, when you type in the address and is also offered as an option at checkout.

You put all the items in your cart and checkout. Then, it offers you some additional items, according to your cart. Just in case you are forgetting something.  😉

Afterwards, you can review your order.  You will be able to reserve a time to arrive and a location. (I can’t show you this screenshot because of sensitive information, but it’s pretty easy to follow!)

You will get a confirmation page with a confirmation number, your email address (for the confirmation email) and the card the charge will be billed to.

And they even send you a list of your items, in case you need to add or change something. You can make changes for a certain period of time.

They charge your card a pre-authorization amount, based on an estimate of your costs. For example, I ordered Roma Tomatoes by how many I want. But, they are charged by the weight. So, they charged the estimated amount. After they are weighted and my groceries are gathered, I will have a better estimate waiting for me at pick-up. That’s when they tell you what had to be substituted or wasn’t available, if any items.

When you get to the Wal-Mart, there will be orange signs directing you to the pick-up area. Some are on the parking lot, itself. Some are small orange signs on poles. Also, there is a large orange banner on the actual building.

In the designated area of the parking lot, there are reserved spaces with numbers. You park there and can call a number to tell them you are ready and your lot number. Once, someone had just dropped off groceries for another customer and came to me and asked my name. She looked up my name in their phone and ran to get my order.

Once they come out with your groceries, you just have to pop the trunk. They just load them up for you. However, I feel weird just sitting there and not talking to them. I always come out and help them load the bags. This is usually when they tell me what was substituted or unavailable. I was told that if there is a price difference they charge you for the cheaper item. The people who have brought me my orders have always been very nice, and I’ve been to two locations for this service. I don’t think I’ll ever shop another way, again (it’s just too draining and this is a REAL help!).

I have tried finding similar services. Most delivery services are very expensive. Kroger has a similar service and will even deliver. But, the pick-up and delivery options require a fee (five and twelve dollars respectively). Also, Wal-Mart’s prices are a bit lower. It just makes sense to stay with the cheaper, free option.

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