When I make Quinoa, I like to mix them. These pound bags from Wal-Mart were a pretty good deal. They make a great rice substitute, if you can’t have it. Also, they are healthy and easy to make.

So, how do you make them? Put the seeds in (yes, they’re a seed and not a grain) a pot. Add water (one part quinoa to one and a half parts water, two for larger portions) and boil. I usually boil mine, on high, for about fifteen minutes. That’s usually around the time they open up and the water is only a barely there soup. This is when I let it boil just a minute more, cover it and turn off the stove. I let it sit and rest for about another five minutes. If you need to let it sit longer, you can.

If you have IBS, this should still be ok for your stomach. It isn’t a grain and is incredibly healthy. If you think you might have a problem with it, only try a little. Boil just a cup or so, before making a large serving. And, of course, this is Vegetarian friendly. You can even use vegetable broth, instead of water. This will add a bit more flavor and still be within your dietary restrictions!

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