Progresso Lentil with Roasted Vegetables.

I am always a fan of easy foods. So, when I find something that says ready to eat, I definitely want to give it a shot! But, how read to eat are these cans? And will it play within your dietary restrictions?

The soup isn’t very thick, but it isn’t just a broth. The taste is good, but I think it fell just a little short for me. Being that it’s in a can, that shouldn’t be surprising. So, is it ready to eat? If you like your lentils a bit Al dente and firm, like me, yes. But, if you prefer it a bit more cooked, not a problem. Slip it in a bowl and nuke it. If you want to cook it a bit more, you can put it in a pot, but it seems like that might not be too far from cooking it yourself. It just depends on how fancy you want to get. 😉

If you have IBS, make sure you can have lentils before trying this soup. If you aren’t sure, try just a little and then wait about an hour. Make sure that you have some Bentyl with you and, in some cases, Amitiza or a laxative.

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