RxBar Coconut Chocolate

I had seen the RxBars around and been meaning to try them. Finally, I found one that was coconut and chocolate. I thought…this is practically MADE for me!!

The first few bites stuck to my teeth and the bar is a little chewy. It begins tasting of roasted coconut. I found it savory and not very sweet. I have to admit, that was welcomed. I was afraid that this bar would be incredibly sweet. Towards the end, it tastes a bit like a Fig Newton, but not as sweet (I find them a bit overwhelming).

If you are Vegetarian, this is a good option for you. Also, those with IBS will find it pretty good. The only complication it might cause is any trouble you may have with nuts or dates. Personally, sometimes too many nuts can make migraines a possibility for me. And sugar irritates my stomach lining. However, I had no problems with this bar. I thought it tasted great, too!

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