Korean Soup

It’s always nice to have an easy meal that you enjoy. It makes things a lot easier, during a flare. Of course, it comes in handy on lazy days; too! I had shared a soup that I make with Korean Yukaejang bars, before. However, this is a little different.

These are the Yukaejang bars, they can be found in Korean stores or purchased online.

These bags of Quinoa are from Wal-Mart. I usually mix them, whether I’m making Quinoa alone or in my soup. How much you’ll use is up to you. I’m a fan of the stuff, so I tend to use quite a bit.

After putting the ingredients together in a bowl, I cover it with water, to the desired amount. Please keep in mind that everyone has different tastes and I don’t mind my soup a bit Al dente. I usually use about eight to twelve ounces of water and put it in the Microwave for ten minutes. The Quinoa isn’t usually completely cooked and this allows quite a bit of soup, for sipping in between spoons.


Now, if you prefer your Quinoa a bit more cooked, it might be best for you to cook it before putting it in the bowl, adding the bar and filling it with water.

So, what does it taste like? It’s sultry and a bit spicy. It is similar to Ramen broth, in flavor and viscosity. The vegetables and Quinoa work well together and I like the bit of crunch they add. But, I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy drinking the broth between bites a little too much. I work through the bowl very quickly and with little regret.

If you are Vegetarian, please note that the bars are made with Beef Bone Extract. Also, if your IBS is irritated by spice, this might be borderline for you. Make sure that you only try a little at first, and pay attention to how spicy it is. If you find it to be a bit much, don’t have more. And make sure you have the Sucralfate and Bentyl nearby!



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