India Palace

I love Indian food! Not only is it delicious, but there are so many great Vegetarian options! Any chance I get, I love to try new Indian restaurants. So, imagine my delight when I was invited out to India Palace!

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a snob, when it comes to Chai. In general, I’m not fond of teabags, milk in my tea or using sugar to sweeten it. However, I was quite pleased with this cup! I would definitely recommend it!

We had the Paneet Tikka appetizer, but I don’t have a photo. My date left most of it to me, while we chatted…that and I’m a little piggy.  😉 But, trust me, if you like cheese; you need this dish! The Paneer is seared to a crispy edge, spiced and served with two sauces. My only complaint was that I wanted more! Luckily, I had more on the way…

Nine times out of ten, if there is Palak Paneer on the menu I’ll order it. If you don’t know what it is, think chunks of cheese in creamed spinach. This one is great! The spinach is well cooked and isn’t overly creamed. Sometimes it is made thicker and with more cream. This isn’t a horrible thing, it’s just a preference. I like to taste the spinach more, which makes the dish a bit more savory and light. The thicker spinach is a bit heavy and more milky tasting. I really enjoyed this dish. So much that I ate the entire serving! And that bowl is deeper than it looks!

For dessert, we had the Mango Custard. I wouldn’t exactly call it a custard, more of a puree. But, it was a great dessert that wasn’t overly sweet! I was afraid it might be a little overwhelming, but was wrong. It was light and satiny. A great way to end a meal!

If you are Vegetarian, there will be plenty of options here. The Paneer dishes are a few of them. There are quite a few IBS friendly meals, also. This one was definitely easy on my stomach. However, I can see how it might be a challenge for those with IBS-D. If you are worried about spice, don’t be. The Palak Paneer is one of few Indian dishes that doesn’t come in varying heats. It isn’t spicy enough to need it…which is to say that it isn’t spicy.

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