What’s in my Bag? (Tech and IBS Bags)

I have done other posts about what I carry, but my bag is always evolving. These days, I carry two. One is my Tech bag, which has everything I need for work and my blog. The other is my IBS bag. This is the bag that carries everything I’ll need if I have a flare and have to stay somewhere or am starting to feel unwell.

Tech Bag

My Tech bag is my Cocoon. It is the bag from yesterday’s post. It is called a Cocoon (the model I have is a slim backpack) and has a grid that holds items, to prevent them from moving around and possibly damaging.

The front pocket hold quite a few items. It holds against the grid, so the items in the next pocket might cause a few space problems, but I was able to hold quite a few things!

I carry two thumb drives, both are large capacity and sometimes they help out. Also, it’s nice to have in case I need files from someone and don’t want to take out my external. There is enough space that I should be able to get a few large files, easily. I have a black fine Sharpie, a red double ended Sharpie, a blue pen and my Gandalf pen (yeah…I’m a nerd). Sometimes you just need to write something and it can be a challenge to find a pen, these days. I carry lip gloss and mascara. Sometimes I rush out and don’t wear makeup. Half of those times, I wish I had. In those cases, I put on a little mascara and some lip gloss. It doesn’t go a long way, but it makes me feel a bit more confident. I like having a small pad of paper. It can come in handy, once in a while. I might want to write something down for someone else or leave a note for someone. I like to have alcohol pads, whenever possible. You never know when you’ll need them! I have a brass elephant that I carry. It reminds me of a much smaller one I had as a child and whenever I see it, it makes me smile. Things like that can help if you are in a waiting room or getting anxious. The heart stickers are just because I like hearts and thought I might want one or two, sometime. I like to have safety pins, too. You never know when they will come in handy. I have a couple of folded sporks that came with a Quinoa cup I bought. It can be challenging when you are trying to eat something that isn’t meant to be within your dietary restrictions. A spork can come in handy for peeling toppings from a pizza! And that small bag is for my meds. I carry around fifteen medications in that bag. They are in little baggies that I found at CVS and I put in enough to last for a week. I check them, once in a while. I hate to be anywhere without them!

The next partition is the grid. I have A Surface Dial and a battery pack on the bottom. Next to them is a bag of zip ties. I also have cords for all of my tech, my Joker wallet, tissues, a hard drive and a Leatherman. These are all things that can come in handy.

The next partition has an area for a laptop and another for papers. However, I use them for my Microsoft Surface (It’s a Pro 4, if you’re curious) and my laptop (that’s a 13″ HP Stream). I rarely carry documents and the few pieces I may have tend to go in between the two.


A good IBS bag needs to have the things you need when you flare. If there are things can prevent one, you’ll want those; too! I carry all kinds of things, that I sometimes don’t use. But, they are things that I might need and will definitely help!

Coconut Oil lotion is one of my favorites. I haven’t found any others, only this one by Palmer’s. Everyone loves the smell (It smells like Macaroons) and it is great for my skin. IBS sufferers can see a difference in our skin. The orange bag is a dry bag. You never know when you’ll need to keep something safe and maybe dry. Since this bag is meant to be a bag to take when I travel anywhere, I pack it. I worry about my oral hygiene when I flare. I vomit quite a bit and if I am out, I’ll need to brush my teeth. I carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue scraper and a bag that has mouthwash, floss and wisps. I also like to have a bandage wrap, since I’m a klutz (you’ll know where all the walls are around me. I’ll be headed straight for them.). I have a pack of Q-Tips, because sometimes you need them and even when you don’t you might have an itch in your ear that will drive you crazy. I have tinted sunscreen and a face spray, both were recommended to me by an aesthetician and work great! I have a small size of apricot face scrub, in case I need to wash my face. This happens after I vomit, in the beginning of my flares. Of course, I carry a tampon, blotting papers, mascara and red lipstick. Because aren’t they the staples of women, these days? People are always asking about my hair. I tell them that I love OGX coconut products. I carry a hair serum and a spray oil. Every time I wash my hair, I follow up with the spray all over and the serum on the ends. I don’t do a lot with my hair, like blow drying or straightening. I tend to just put it up in a bun. I carry quite a few gloves, face masks and a vomit bag. The vomit bag is in a ziplock with Absorbing powder, Dramamine and Alka-Selzer. These are all in case I get sick. The gloves can come in handy when I can’t help myself and someone else needs to. I also carry Wet Ones, zip ties and a Joker pad.

Inside this bag is also a nice dress for going out, a casual dress, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and pajama pants. Above the bag, pictured, is my makeup bag. That DEFINITELY comes in handy. When I’m sick, a Halloween mask is a vast improvement!!

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