Bhuja Snacks Crunchy Seasoned Peas

I love eating peas! I never feel like I get enough, though! I can eat a twelve ounce bag, but still feel hungry! But, spiced peas? And dried? Sounds like an interesting snack. But, I’m not sure.

I was very happy to find that these do tatse like peas, but I think that people who don’t like peas will still enjoy these. They have the sublte sultry flavor, but the spice offers something that kind of masks what you’re eating. Not in an overwhelming way, but a way that let’s you enjoy it without thinking about what it is. I definitely enjoyed these and would love to keep more around! They would make a great snack!

These are great for Vegans and Vegetarians alike! If you have IBS, please note that the spice might be a bit irritating. You might want to keep some sucralfate around, just in case. But, I think it’s worth a try and maybe even manageable in moderation.  

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