Queso Blanco Style Slices, Sunny Acres

I was at the 99 cent store and found these slices of cheese. Always a fan of cheese, I decided to pick them up. Sometimes, I like garbage cheese. It’s like a guilty pleasure. So, I thought I would give it a shot. After all, who doesn’t love Queso Blanco?

It wasn’t exactly a Queso Blanco cheese, so I can see why they called it “style”. It had a very processed and oily taste, as most of these cheeses do. It wasn’t as pliable as most slices tend to be, so if you like to bend your cheese slices you’re going to be disappointed. That being said, if you understand that this is not amazing cheese and just want to give it a shot, it isn’t bad. It is the equivalent of American Cheese slices.

If you have problems with cheese or dairy, you should skip this. However, I didn’t have any problems with my IBS after eating it. It is Vegetarian friendly, but not Vegan friendly.

If you want to try this, you can probably find it at the 99 cent stores. I haven’t seen them anwhere else.

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