Gelato Carribean Coconut, Talenti

Anytime I see something with coconut, I’m interested. Coconut oil, coconut water or milk, macaroons, all of it! I love gelato, so when I saw this I really wanted to try it. I finally got around to it and it was great!

I love the smoothness of gelato. Ice Cream is a little grainier and sweeter. Gelato has a smoother taste that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It is also a more concentrated flavor, so you don’t need all the extra sugar. It tends to be creamier and it has a more pliable texture.

This flavor is great! If you like coconuts, this is a great treat to try. It isn’t incredibly sweet and has a more sultry coconut flavor. It also has shredded coconut in it. I have to warn you, though: It’s incredibly easy to eat and will go fast!

If you have IBS and sugar can be a problem, you might want to consider what you’ve eaten that day. There is sugar and a bit of it, so you’ll want to proceed with caution. This gelato is Vegetarian friendly, though not Vegan friendly.

This gelato can be found in Kroger, but I have also seen it a few other places. However, the availability of the flavor will depend on the location of the store. You’ll want to look it up online or call the store.

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