Wasabi Peas, Hapi

I love these peas. I can’t have most beans, but peas are ok. And I’m thankful for that, because I really love eating them. I can eat this entire can, in one sitting!

If you don’t like wasabi, obviously this isn’t an option for you. However, if you like it but are worried about if it is overwhelming, it is a great snack. The wasabi is only bad if you eat a bunch at a time or really fast. If you eat them moderately, it can be manageable.

They have that great pea taste, and a bit of the wasabi burn. They are a great snack and I have to stop myself when I do eat them.

If your IBS exhibits a sensitivity to spicy or hot foods, you’ll want to skip this. You might be able to get away with just a few of them, but you will want to have Sucralfate around. It is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, however. And as a lot of Vegans and Vegetarians know, there is a lot of protein in peas.

This item can be found in Target and World Market. You might be able to find it in Walmart and it’s definitely available online.

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