Roasted and Salted Okra Chips, Sprouts

I love okra. I have loved it since I was a kid. But, I was so used to having it breaded and fried. Because I am from Texas. However, I saw these at Sprouts and just had to try them!

They are nice and crisp and actually have a better okra taste than fresh okra does. There is the natural oily taste, but that great okra taste and a few sweet notes. I ate this entire package in about fifteen minutes! I really liked these and will most likely buy them again! They are a great snack and are easy to get lost in eating.

If you have IBS and veggies are a problem for you, this will be no different. However, if you don’t have a problem with veggies or oils, I would recommend trying these. They are also great for dipping. But, I can easily see myself munching on these during a movie. They are both Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, too!

You can get these in Sprouts, but I have also seen bagged versions in Trader Joe’s!

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