Nut and Seed Bar, Evolution Harvest

I got this bar at Starbucks some while ago and decided to finally eat it. I was keeping it in my bag, in case I needed something. But, I hadn’t needed it and figured I should eat it before it goes bad. So, here it goes!

I really liked this bar. It tasted like almonds more than anything, but I could also taste the seeds. This was great for me, since I love the sultry and almost oil-like flavor they provide and I thought it went well with the almond flavors. It’s something I would eat again and am thinking I should get another one for my bag.

This is Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. however, if you have IBS and nuts are a problem, this is obviously a bad idea for you. If you have IBS and sugars can irritate your tummy, this may be a problem, but I don’t think so. It wasn’t incredibly sweet.

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