Yukaejang Soup

I posted a soup, some time ago. It was a soup that I mentioned that I have when I’m  recovering from a flare. I have since started using a variation, as I’ve been having problems with tofu.


I get these soup bars at H-Mart. They are $2.50 a box and really easy to use. Also, they are REALLY good!


I LOVE Quinoa and can’t  have rice. But, they are really great for my system when I am trying to recover. I really love the taste and teh texture! I like to blend the red and the white. I’m not sure about the nutritional value, but I do feel like there is a difference in the crunch.



I put in equal amounts, nothing specific. It just depends on how much I want to make. Then, I put in the bar of boullion and water. I put it in the microwave for about fifteen or twenty minutes and let it sit for a bit.

When it’s done, I pull it out and add water (the water level drops while it’s cooking) and put it back in for a couple of minutes. Remember that I like my Quinoa Al Dente. You might like it better if you cook the Quinoa first and add it in at the end.

This isn’t exactly Vegetarian or Vegan, since the boullion uses beef and I’m not sure it’s just flavoring. However, for IBS sufferers, it’s great! You can make all kinds of variations, but I think that so far this is my favorite!

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