Golden Fleece

I have a tea problem. I LOVE tea. There are a lot of things that I say that I love in this blog. I understand that and I always mean it. However, I can count on one hand the things that I don’t think I could live without. And tea is one of them. I would have a real problem if tomorrow my stomach shifted and I couldn’t have tea anymore.

Today, I decided to reorganize my tea. At first, this seemed like it wouldn’t take longer than half an hour. And then I realized that what I thought was a tub of “already tried” was actually a tub of “I forgot”. Then, I had to think of a way to rearrange everything so that I could try all of them before they get stale. Suddenly, I found that I had forgotten about half of the tea I had.

Then I came across this little guy:

I am a fan of any black tea and golden anything is going to get my attention! I was only able to find a Golden Fleece tea, when I researched online, from Verdant Tea. I am not sure it is Verdant, as they tend to use labels on their packaging. But, I am curious, so here we go!

The color is a beautiful soft gold and it appears a bit brassy with a slight shine. It has a smell similar to dried grass, but only in tones. The larger smell is like a hay, but without the metallic notes. It also has a very fresh smell.

The wet leaves have a deep mushroom smell that is still somewhat light. They have a chocolatey brown color. They average about a quarter to an inch in length.

The color is like a golden caramel and it is a very clean and light looking liquor. It has a medium body and tastes smooth. It has some leafy notes under a cracker like taste. There are twiggy tones that lightly hover when you swallow it.

Overall, I loved it! I would definitely drink it regularly (If I didn’t have fifty pounds to get through)! It would be great for relaxing on the patio and thinking about life or writing a blog post!  😉

As I said, I’m not sure if this is Verdant Tea’s Golden Fleece. However, if you want to try Golden Fleece, this is theirs:


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