Going Lacto-Vegetarian

If anyone has been keeping up with my posts, or even looked back at previous ones, they know I used to be highly carnivorous. A few months ago, I decided to go vegetarian. I was having problems digesting meat and had already been feeling kinda guilty when I saw farm animals.

When I drive to see my mom, I always see these cows in a field that sits on a corner lot of the road I turn right on. Every time, I look at them before I turn and a little after the turn. I can never stop looking at them and wanting to play with them, they’re just so cute! I would also see videos of goats and cows on YouTube. I would always feel horrible about the burger or curried goat I ate earlier that day.

So, when I made the decision, it was a little easier than I thought it would be. Sure, it limits my already tiny diet and I have to think more about nutrition. But, it ended up better for my body and I felt a little less guilty. But, that was when I could have eggs and tofu.

Recently I became a bit sick and I’m thinking it was from tofu and eggs. I had eaten tofu one day and my stomach felt a bit heavy and my body felt a bit lethargic. I didn’t think anything of it and ate it a second day. This day I started to get a migraine. Luckily, I ran out of tofu. I thought that perhaps now I just couldn’t have tofu and I wouldn’t buy it anymore. But, the next day I had eggs. And then I vommited. And a lot. So, I am thinking both are too hard for my stomach. It would make sense, since they are about as hard for my stomach to digest as meats are.

So, I decided to go Lacto-Vegetarian. Because I just can’t give up my cheese without it being something I know I am not allowed. My diet is getting smaller and smaller. I am not sure how long it will last, I’m hoping I can hold off for a pretty long time and it will get easier. I am pretty optimistic that it will. I will have a lot more conversations about it, I’m sure. But, I don’t mind that. I would actually enjoy it if it were a conversation over cheese and tea!

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  1. N.Chi's World says:

    Dang, eggs and goat are my favorite foods! I’m so sorry they make you sick. I can’t image how restrictive your diet is, but on the bright side, it’s good you know what makes you sick! I just finished a meal that I’m so mad at myself for eating. I need to get this under control soon. I hope to learn more from your vegetarian journey!


    1. iwanttoeatitall says:

      Thank you! They don’t necessarily make me flare, but eggs made me vomit and meats are hard for my stomach to digest. They make me feel heavy and nauseated. If I eat them too late, I’ll flare because it’s still trying to digest while I sleep.

      Don’t beat yourself up! The sooner you can reign in your diet, the better it will be for your body. Just try to think about your food and what it will do to your body. The more you damage your vody, the worse it will get in the long run!

      I hope you find the blog helpful! That’s the whole reason I started this! 🙂

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