Monkey Business, 10°F Rolling Ice Cream

I’ve seen all sorts of videos of rolled ice cream, so when Ten Degrees Fahrenheit opened I was excited. I was just as excited when I walked in and saw the menu! There are plenty of options, and there are some that are a recommended mix (like the one I got, Monkey Business). They also have plenty of toppings, milk and coffees. I even saw popcorn as a topping! But, how did it taste?

Monkey Business is the cup I chose, which is a chocolate and banana mixture. They roll it up and ask which toppings you want. I opted for chocolate chips and shredded coconut. They also offer you whipped cream! I thought it tasted great! There was a nice balance of banana and chocolate in every bite, so I didn’t find either overwhelming. Also, it wasn’t incredibly sweet.

If you have IBS and ice cream is a problem, there is also a yogurt option. There was a strawberry and vanilla mixture (which my friend got), which I thought tasted great and would be a good option if you need to get yogurt. This ice cream is not Vegan but is Vegetarian-friendly.

I would definitely recommend this treat! But, I find it hard not to recommend most gelatos or ice creams. I know I’ll be here, again!

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