Shirataki Noodles, Miracle Noodle

Having IBS is hard enough, the diet restrictions can really take a toll. There were a lot of people who had questions about Shirataki noodles, so I tried them out. And here’s what happened:

The instructions say to rinse the noodles for ten to fifteen seconds and then place in boiling water for two minutes. I rinsed a little longer and boiled for about three minutes.
Afterward, I put them in a dry pan, to cook. This is how you’re supposed to dry them. They steamed in the pan. So, I just kept moving them around in the pan and flipping them over. The steam stayed pretty consistent, and I just stopped once they seemed a bit dry, and the steam died down a little. Then, I just threw them into a Tupperware and let them cool.

I am not a fan of complicated sauces and wanted to be able to taste the noodles, so I just tossed them in soy sauce and sesame seed oil. The noodles didn’t have any flavor, and they had the texture of spaghetti noodles, which was great!

Some people have complained about a chemical taste or smell, which I didn’t find. Not until I had eaten it all and maybe an hour later. This may have been from my stomach digesting the noodles and could have been prevented if I had eaten a heavier sauce. Also, it might help to toss them in butter before putting it in the sauce. I would recommend that if you do so, you do just before adding the sauce. Also, you would want to add the sauce just before eating.

I didn’t have a flare, and my stomach only burned a little. Nothing that would prevent me from eating it again or that would even need Sucralfate. If you’re Vegan or Vegetarian, these are a great option for you too!

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