99 cent Ranch

My mom told me about 99 cent Ranch, but I never had time to check it out. I had been so happy with H Mart that I didn’t make it a priority. But, I was driving passed one and decided to check it out.

It is smaller than H Mart, but has a similar layout and parallel offerings. There are cafes and groceries, which was what I was hoping for. They are all Asian items, but there are more Thai and Chinese products than Korean or Japanese. There are pastes, sauces and oils that are in common use. Also, pretty much every seafood you can imagine. I saw all kinds of snack and candies, only isles after noodles and tea.

Needless to say, it needs to be explored if you see one. However, if you are holding out from grocery shopping until then; know that the vegetables and fruit are the real prize. Most of the other groceries are average or higher in price than most places. I got some nut clusters and fruit, but I thought I could find everything else cheaper.

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