The Flourless Fiasco

I post recipes on Facebook, all the time! It helps people see what I can and can’t eat; how they can eat the same, if they want to. I finally decided to make a flourless cake from one of the posts. It was daring.

I decided to try to use Martha Stewart’s recipe, but wasn’t well prepared and tried a few shortcuts. Also…I might have had some wine.

I just seperated the eggs and then broke the chocolate. I was supposed to melt it in a bowl over boiling water, but thought I could try the microwave. That was a bad decision. Not only did I burn the chocolate, but while I beat the eggs (which I started while the chocolate was melting) the chocolate began to solidify. Then, the foam of the eggs came to the top and the liquid sank. So, I had to act fast. I buttered the pan (the one smart thing I did) heavily and then went back to beating the eggs. When the foam came to and it seemed ok, I added the olks and the chocoalte together and then threw them into the foam. I used the whisk to mix it all together and try to firm up the foam, again. Once it seemed like cake batter, I put it in the pan and then the oven. I also forgot to preheat the oven, so the batter sat for a minute.

So, I toasted the pan and crossed my fingers.

It started to look good, so I felt optimistic. But, I was worried that the inside would be undercooked. So, I checked it and then took it out. It looked great, but I overcooked it.I didn’t provide any pictures, to save myself the embarassment. But, if you are wondering about making this cake; know that it seems foolproof. I took shortcuts and it was still edible. If I hadn’t overcooked it, it would be haveen fine. And even with overcooking it, it was still good with milk or ice cream. It might have even gone well with tea!

Hmmm…time for tea and cake!!

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