Crustless Pizza (Mushrooms, Onions and Green Peppers)

I miss pizza! We had such a great relationship and the memories can be haunting. Especially once I start to smell that crust crisping in an oven! The worst is when one of my roomates leaves their leftovers in the fridge. That smell commandeers the fridge and I just want to sneak a piece!

I had decided to try to make a pizza without crust. No recipe, just winging it! It. Was. AMAZING! I made some marinara, put it at the bottom of a dish, topped it with cheese. A LOT of cheese! I then put in some green peppers and tomatoes. And more cheese. Then, I realized that I forgot the onions and mushrooms I had, so I put them on top. And, of course, just  little cheese. I put them in the oven for half an hour on 450. The last ten minutes were on broil.

It was so good that my date was astonished! He kept saying how it tasted like real pizza and he just needed crackers. But, he thought it was so good that he kept telling me how great I did and that he was impressed. Personally, I didn’t care too much. It was sweet, but I was too busy shoving cheese in my mouth!

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  1. ingrid says:

    Crustless pizza with all the same flavors.Very creative. You know putting our own spin on things is what progress and achievement is all about. Keep
    up the creativity


    1. Thanks, Ingrid! It was really great! I’ve been addicted to it, ever since. I think I’ve had two nine inch cake pans of it, since that day. Lol it’s so easy and tastes so good! I posted another version here. I made an amazing one last night, but didn’t want to keep posting it over and over. All I did was use the canned tomatoes that come with peppers, instead of regular tomatoes. And for the toppings, I just used jalapenos and mushrooms. SO good! I hope you’ll check back once in a while. I think you might like some of the other foods, there are even dishes I order when eating out!


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