Literary teas

I am a big fan of Literary Teas. They are a company in Australia that blends teas based on authors and usually ones that go well with their most well known works. I happen to have a reserve of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare in my favorites box. This blend sounded interesting and I thought it would be nice, so here it is!

The blend is nice and balanced. The smell is inviting and light. It smells fresh and of high quality leaves. The strawberry bits are a nice peek into what lies ahead. You can’t really smell them or the vanilla. It actually smells a little bit like a raspberry.

The wet leaves smell like tea leaves, a bit woody but with a light air of strawberries. Tehy have a great color and appear strong. I would say they have a good quality steep behind them.

The liquor is a light caramel color and a light medium body. It tastes like tea, but with a very light and creamy strawberry flavor to it. I definitely like this tea! It’s relaxing and a bit like having a strawberry treat after dinner!

This is a great blend, and I think that anyone who is considering it should try it! It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet or heavy flavored. I was able to enjoy the tea and the strawberries. But, the vanilla bean smoothed everything over and pulled it together. This is a great option for peopl that think you need to have sugar and milk in your tea. Because you don’t. And this is a great example!



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