Which Wich Lettucewiches

I love sandwich places that offer a breadless alternative. They really make my soul smile. I had eaten at Which Wich, when I was still eating meat. But, I wasn’t sure about how well it would fare with my Vegetarian needs AND my IBS restrictions. So, when my mom wanted me to grab something for her, we thought this would be a good idea.

If you’ve never been, you pick up a brown bag and check off the items you want in your sandiwch. This makes it pretty easy to customize what you’re ordering. They sometimes have things autochecked for you. But you can cross them off, if you want.

The Lettucewich is a little small, depending on how you like it. So, if you are ordering something and worried about putting in too many choices, don’t.

I chose The Avocado, which had less avocado than in the photos on the site. There was some, just not a ton. Luckily, I added in quite a few other toppings.

I also got The Caprese. This is my favorite, because I’m a sucker for cheese and tomatoes. I also added in pesto. Easily my favorite and always my go to!

They had a new addition, under the “Favorites” bags. It was a wrap with a Bean Patty, but I got it without the patty and in Lettucewich form. It was good and more filling than the others. Also, quinoa is never going to lose with me.

For anyone with IBS, these should still be good options. If you have problems when you consume too many vegetables, you should still be good. The avocados, quinoa and cheese should help you a little there. And, again, these can all be customized. The Caprese is Vegetarian friendly and The Avocado is Vegan friendly, so is the Bean Patty wrap.

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