Vitality Bowls, Frisco

There is a growing trend of acai bowls, right now. They were first made trendy on the west coast, sort of made it on the east coast and now they’re in the south. You might see a few places here and there. But, do you really know what they are? Someone asked me if it’s just a smoothie in a bowl and why you wouldn’t just drink it. When I met Josh, the owner of Vitality Bowls, we laughed about this. He joked that it’s a conversation he has everytime he tries to explain what he does.

When I walked in, I was happy to notice a simple aesthetic with vibrant colors. I was even delighted to talk to the staff, who were friendly and full of smiles. Josh and I talked for a moment, and then we got right down to business. And by business, I mean me stuffing my face.

The first of the items on the tasting menu was The Temptation. It was a great blend that was a little like an almond milk ice cream. It wasn’t really sweet or cumbersome. More like something light I could enjoy while walking around. And I didn’t think twice about whether I was indulging or drinking healthy. I was too busy enjoying the flavors. It made me think of a blended ice cream, without the guilt.

The Hulk was a drink that usually came with broccoli, but since I can’t have it, I aksed for it without. Everything here is made fresh to order and just the way you want it, so they didn’t even blink when I asked them to leave it out. The taste was great, and I got just a hint of the protein powder. But, not in a bad way. It added a flavor at the bottom of the profile that I thought rounded it out very well. It was like ice cream was blended with protein powder and a few more sinful ingredients (guarana, strawberries, banana).

I’m not usually one for juices, but I still try them occasionally. This was easily one of the best I’ve ever had. But, the mixture just wasn’t one I enjoyed. That isn’t to say that it was horrible. Just that I don’t favor juices. I was able to drink more of this one than I have any other. I think that it’s also a very good idea for anyone who is considering a juice fast. You can try one of these before you go all in or try a series of these instead of paying twice as much for something that will get shipped to you. As I said before, these are made to order. It would be very easy for you to ask for something very specific to your needs.

This Detox Bowl is a great option for people who love textures. Between the kushy bananas and blueberries, crunchy almonds and chewy goji berries, there is enough to keep you excited about the next bite. The Acai at the bottom is like the bonus ice cream in a sundae. I thought it all went together incredibly well and tasted amazing. It wasn’t overly sweet, at all (which is usually a problem for me). It was light but filling. If you’re a big eater like I am, you’ll be surprised at how stuffed you’ll get from this bowl. This is something I would recommend if you missed breakfast and want a brunch or a light lunch. The textures made me feel like I was having cereal, but with acai puree instead of milk. And that made my stomach happy, not having had cereal for a long time. This was easily my favorite bowl. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for another one.

This Strawberry and Goat cheese salad is REALLY good! Before I realized it, I had cleared the bowl. It’s beautiful to look at, and it creates a proportionate symphony on your taste buds. I am not usually a fan of fruit or nuts in my salad, but I recognize that sometimes you can blow it out of the park. And while the quinoa and cheese reeled me in, the strawberries and dressing blew me away. The dressing, by the way, is a balsamic and red wine vinegar that is made in house and with a little fresh orange juice in it. It plays really well to contrasts the salad, and I can’t imagine any other dressing would work as well. This is definitely my recommendation if you are not looking for a bowl.

The Vitality Bowl usually comes with granola, but I asked them to leave it off. I should have asked for almonds, as a substitute, but my brain wasn’t functioning, and I’m stupid. Just the same, the bowl was great! I felt like I had ice cream with strawberries and bananas. It wasn’t too sweet, it was very smooth and very light. This is a great sub for a banana and strawberry smoothie but in lunch form.

And now, everyone’s favorite meal: dessert. If you thought I was going to come here and not ask about the Dessert Bowl, you don’t know me. Talk about a great way to indulge! The whole time, I kept thinking about how great it tasted! The textures of the coconut, chocolate chips and bananas are already good layering. The Acai at the bottom just puts in a little bit of a creamy addition to every bite. This is something you should have when you want ice cream or froyo, but don’t want to deter from your diet. It doesn’t feel healthy at all and might evoke a bit of guilt. But, don’t worry. You’re safe. Go ahead and enjoy it. But, you’re going to need someone to remind you to slow down. Mine was done before I even thought about slowing down so that I could actually savor the taste.

If you have IBS, are Vegetarian, or Vegan (or two of the previous); you’ll be happy to know that you have a variety of options here. And I don’t mean because they customize their menu items. I mean that I was able to order five of these seven items, without a single alteration. And since they also have paninis and coffee, this is a great place to meet with friends or family who want to try something outside the limitations of your diet! Add this to you rlist of places that you can eat and not worry about being sick, the next day or flaring. I know I will!

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