IBS: Trigger Foods vs. Bad Eating

Sometimes it can be easy to make mistakes when you have dietary restrictions. Whether you give in to temptation or you listen to someone who tells you it’s all in your head, staying true to your diet can be hard. It’s a challenge and one that we all seem to fail at some point or another. It isn’t anything to be ashamed of or feel bad about. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes.

I made this mistake today. I was fortunate that I didn’t flare, but needless to day, my body is suffering for it. I feel sluggish and have a headache that won’t quite. My GERD is getting the better of me, and I just wish I could make it all go away. Luckily, I have some Sucralfate, and that is offering me a little comfort. But, I know this is my own doing and realize that I had been diligent in my diet until now.

I didn’t eat anything that would cause me to flare, but there was something I forgot when making my food choices. Just because it isn’t a trigger food doesn’t mean it’s right for you. I had been eating quite a few Pizza Pies and a lot of pasta. I also had quite a few candies and sweets. While these aren’t off limits in my diet, they aren’t good for me either. In general, I tend to make these things treats and pay more attention to healthier choices. But, lately I’ve been slipping, and now my body is starting to remind me. I stopped eating meat because it was hard for my body to digest. I stopped drinking coffee frequently, because all that caffeine was bad for me. But, somehow I forgot that I need to keep an eye on my sugars and remember that, as much as I love cheese, cheese can be hard for my stomach if I have too much of it and too often.  I forgot that just because something won’t make me flare doesn’t mean it’s ok. Foods that aren’t trigger foods can still be bad for your stomach if you have them in masses and frequently. I am sure this is a mistake I’ll make again. But, I’m also sure that it’s something that my body will again remind me.


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