Naked Egg Taco, Taco Bell

BREAKING NEWS!! Today, Taco Bell nationally debuted a shell made from eggs. It’s kind of like a fried egg wrapped around their breakfast toppings. And anyone who knows me will tell you that food can be the only reason I’ll be leaving the house at seven in the morning. As hard as it was, I wanted to beat the line… the line that wasn’t there.

The only traffic I ran into was from morning commuters and people who were trying to fill up on gas before Labor Day weekend. Taco Bell, itself, was a ghost town. And as someone who hates holding up a line, I was happy to see it.

Before I get to the food, I should mention a few things. I think there was only one person working. The lady who took my order also made the order and gave it to me, while I waited. That coupled with the fact that today is the first day this item was offered, and I ordered it within fifteen minutes of opening, any mistakes that were made are understandable. She also didn’t give me a receipt in her rush (there was someone behind me), so I can’t tell you how the items were ringing up. I can tell you that they are $1.99 a piece, and I bought three, but because of the customization paid $9.57 for it all (I’m not complaining, just letting anyone know who might be ordering them).

These tacos come in a holder since the “shell” is a little greasy and slippery. It’s a very good idea and I think it was helpful. It’s worth mentioning that if you are able to eat tortillas, this item is also available wrapped or “dressed”. I got three of the Naked Egg tacos.

While I ordered three different tacos, there isn’t any information available on what comes in the standard order; so I wasn’t sure how to customize it or place my order. Even as of writing this post, I hadn’t seen it on Taco Bell’s menu or seen any posts of it by anyone else.

They taste great! The egg shell almost has the texture of a gordita shell (from what I can remember) and the rest of it came together well. I an liked the flavors and thought it was good! I definitely thought it was worth the two dollars.

Like I mentioned, I tried to order three different tacos; to see how the shell tasted different with different styles and flavor profiles (sounds funny, talking about Taco Bell like this). But, I think they were all the same and if they weren’t the discerning flavors weren’t there. While they all tasted great, they all tasted identical.

While I asked for the Naked Egg taco and told the lady that I only wanted the items listed, I still found potatoes in my taco. I would recommend checking your taco before biting into it, just to make sure that you don’t get anything you didn’t ask for. At least until it has been on the menu for a while and ordered quite a bit. It’s still new.

And that great last bite!

So, if you are thinking about trying this, I would say give it a try. At least one. If you can go inside and order, that might be best. It will give you a chance to ask questions and make sure your order is done right. I was in the drive-through and felt the need to be speedy. Also, it’s hard to explain yourself over intercom.

If you have dietary restrictions, check your food before you eat it. Until the people who make your food are more familiar with the item, there are going to be mistakes. You should expect it for a little while. People with IBS should be fine eating this (just check your food before you eat it) unless you have problems with eggs. Mine had potatoes in it, but I picked them out before I ate it. Flare avoided. It is also Vegetarian friendly, but obviously not for Vegans. If you can’t have regular tacos, excuse the bad pun, but this is worth a run for the border. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yeah…I’ll shut up now.


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  1. Debra says:

    Who knew? Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Right?? My pleasure! This is definitely a tell the world situation! 😉


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