Cheese Pizza Pie

I really can’t stop making this Pizza Pie! Mostly because I can’t stop eating it, but also because it’s so easy and so cheap.

The Marinara and cheeses are the same, so it the process. However, I skipped the “topings and just made this one with cheese.

I mixed the diced tomatoes with the tomato paste and layered it on the bottom. I got the diced tomatoes with chiles, so it rounds out the flavors!

I put cheese on top of the bottom layer of marinara and then added more marinara on top of that.

And, of course, I had to add more cheese!

This Pizza Pie was just as good as the others! If you don’t like cheese pizzas, you’re going to want to skip this one or add in your preferred toppings. This should be fine for anyone who has IBS or is Vegetarian. If you are Vegan or cheese is a trigger for you, this is one to skip.

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