Birds Eye Veggie Made Zucchini Lentil Pasta (Original)

Having not had pasta for twelve years, it shouldn’t be a surprise that finding pastas I can eat means I’m going on a binge. I had tried a few of these frozen bags, but they all had sauces. I thought I would try the original one and see how it fared.

I microwaved it, cut open the top and put in some marinara (the same simple sauce I use for my Pizza Pies). I stirred it a bit and then put in some Mozzarella. Because cheese.

You guys. Seriously. I ate that bag in a couple of minutes. It was SOOO good!! It had a light cheesy taste and the marinara made it creamy with a little tang. I know I will be making this again. Next time, I’ll mmake two at a time!

This is a great option for those with IBS and Vegetarians. However, it isn’t something that would work for Vegans, since there are eggs in the pasta. There are other options, with the sauce already in the bag and they are also here on my blog.

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  1. That looks amazing!!!! Oh my word!!!


    1. It was so good!! I have been craviing it, too!!

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