Heavenly Acai

Acai bowls are all the rage lately, and after my previous experience, I can see why. It’s a healthy substitute for desserts, but also breakfast! Now that they are popping up closer to where I live, I have decided to check out a few. When I passed by Heavenly Acai, I thought it was nice that it was close and someplace I should check out!

Walking in, it’s a very modern and simplistic style. I loved that there were cushy chairs, but loved the “salon chairs” a little more. There is plenty of space and comfort, if you decide to bring friends along.

I started with the Match Shot. Having been a tea blogger for a couple of years, I was quite familiar with this tea and a bit excited. I tend to try to maintain my expectations, being such a tea snob. And Matcha is even more likely to disappoint, if you know a bit about it. But, when I took the first taste; I was really excited! Not only was it a better quality than I was expecting, but it had a bit of a citrus tang to it. You are given the option of cashew milk, orange juice or pineapple juice for the mixture. Mine was pineapple and I have to say that it was a flavor combination I would never have thought of! It was really light and tasted amazing!

Next were the Heavenly Acai Bowl and the Youthful Blend.

I asked for my bowl with almonds, instead of granola. There wasn’t any kind of hesitation or blink of an eye.

This is a really great bowl and one that is easy to eat quickly. The different textures made every bite something that you couldn’t ignore. Sometimes you eat and you don’t think about it, but my attention was held quite easily. If textures aren’t really your thing, the flavors will lock you. They all come together really well and made me want to eat more!

I finished it off with the smoothie, which I was sure was going to be a winner. And I was happy to find out I was right! It has a peanut butter-like taste that feels hearty and earthy. It definitely felt like something a mom would reward her kids with. I can see where the name came from. It was light, but filling and went entirely too fast!

The staff here was very friendly and all smiles, the location is great and the ambience was very comfortable. I can see parents bringing their kids here for a snack or friends catching up. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian, this is a great place for you! I can’t think of anything that you would need to change or adjust on the menu. Even if you have IBS, there might be a small change (like how I subbed Almonds instead of granola), but it wouldn’t be a complicated order. They are very happy to customize your order and since there are no pre-made products, it isn’t a huge inconvenience (which can be a worry for those of us with anxiety). I would recommend a visit, at least to try it. I know I’ll be back!

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