Smoothie King

I have never been to Smoothie King before. I heard about it, but it just didn’t seem appealing. I thought I would see what they offer and decided to give it a shot. Especially now that they have vegan options!

The first is the Peanut Power and Chocolate Smoothie. I thought it was a really good peanut butter smoothie that wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet! It was nice and smooth, with a rich nut butter flavor, but the chocolate was barely there. I’m not complaining, obviously. I mean, I wrecked that cup!

I also had to try the Vegan Double Chocolate. I have to say I was a little disappointed. At first, it had a great dark chocolate flavor. But, after the second sip, it started to taste chalky and more like baking chocolate. I just thought that for being a smoothie it wasn’t very sweet and didn’t have very good flavor. It’s great that they have a vegan option, but you will want to customize it a little. As it is, it falls a little flat.

Of course, the Vegan options are also great for Vegetarians. These are also good options for people who have IBS. If you are going to check this place out, I would try the Peanut Power with Chocolate. If you want a Vegan option, maybe try something other than the dark chocolate flavor.

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