I think that acai bowls might be a new fascination for me. I seem to be wanting them more and more. And since I am always a fan of exploring new businesses and new foods, I thought Nekter would be a great stop!

Off the bat, great location and super friendly staff! There aren’t a lot of tables and it’s quite cozy, right on the border of small. But, I had some errands to run and decided to eat in my car, anyway. My food was ready faster than I thought it would be and I was out of there!

The acai bowl was so good! I got the Acai Superfood Bowl, which has a lot of great ingredients. I have been trying to keep the bowls that I try similar, in order to make a fair comparison and this seems to be in the vicinity of the others. While this bowl tastes great, the other bowls were pretty good eaten without stirring. I thought that was a little more difficult with these and tried mixing everything together.

It isn’t as pretty as the other way, but it is easier to get a good bite every time. I think that’s because there are so many components coming into play. There were really good textures and some tasty flavors that worked together well. It was a really good bowl for those days when you want something healthy that doesn’t taste like rabbit food (even if it is.). In comparison to other bowls, this one wasn’t as sweet. That isn’t a good thing or a bad thing, it was just less of a “kid cereal” feeling acai bowl and one that felt more like a “honey nut cheerios” version.

I also got the Almond Butter Health Nut Smoothie. This was a great idea! Not only was it a nut butter taste, but it seemed like it was paired with a light and creamy vanilla. Since nut butter tends to be paired with chocolate, this was a nice surprise. It was pretty quickly gone, so I recommend getting a medium or a large if you’re hungry and not stuffing a bowl in your face. 😉

This place has great options for Vegans and Vegetarians, alike. It is also great for IBS sufferers since they offer cashew milk. There are a few in the IBS community who have problems with fruit, they should avoid these porducts.

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