Velvet Taco

Watching the Cattle Run at Fort Worth Stockyards is always fun for me. I love seeing all of those cows and it’s all I can muster to not run up and hug them. I have been there a few times and it never gets old.

Since I’ve become Vegetarian, eat there can be a little bit of a challenge. Lucky for me, there is a Velvet Taco nearby and I’ve never been! I heard that they serve tacos in a lettuce leaf, so I always wanted to give it a try.

The rumors are true! You can get any taco in lettuce and most items are customizable. I got a frittata taco, without meat, which was great. I didn’t think it was really a frittata, but it tasted great and I didn’t think much about it after I bit into it. I also got the Falafel Taco and the Paneer Taco. Both were a little messy, so if you are getting them in lettuce make sure you have napkins. The paneer is in some sort of breading and it’s fried. All of the tacos tasted great, I can see why they have such a great reputation!

If you are Vegan or Vegetarian, you’ll find some great options here. If you have IBS, there might be some alterations you have to make; but it’s manageable. I didn’t know that the paneer was coated, but ate it. I didn’t get sick, but my stomach burns. This is something that I noticed happens if I eat small amounts of a trigger food that isn’t enough to make me flare, but enough that my stomach has to let me know it isn’t happy. I would ask if they can serve it without the breading, if not you can try to peel it off (it doesn’t stick incredibly well and should be easy) or order something else.


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