After being out all day, running errands, my boyfriend and I got a little hungry. We thought about having a little picnic in the park next to the food trucks, but realized that the area is roped off so we changed our minds. Being downtown already and pretty hungry, he mentioned that Indian food would be a great idea. Always ready for Indian food, I found this buffet on Google and we decided to give it a try. It was something different from what we were expecting, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We got there and found the entrance to the building, but it took a minute to find the restaurant. It was down a hall, on the left and there was a small flag of a sign hanging above the door. We got in a line, like most buffets and were surprised that there wasn’t a lot of food. There was a meat dish, a vegetarian dish, a couple of soups and a couple of other sides. I grabbed a tray and a plate, some silverware and started to dissect what I could and couldn’t eat. I decided to just go with a salad, for now. I wasn’t sure what was in some of the other foods and didn’t want to take a chance that I would get sick. The salad bar was a safe bet. We got our food and sat, a little confused. We hadn’t paid for our food, there is no cashier. We sat and ate, but saw that other people were being brought their checks and the plates were picked up, as well. Now that we knew a little more about how it all worked, I felt a little more comfortable. For a second, I was afraid we had missed the payment and were eating food we hadn’t paid for!

We both went back for seconds. I got another salad, but also a bowl of Daal. And I have to tell you, this soup (which is usually more like a dipping sauce) reminded me of what I ate when I was younger. And I LOVED it. The salad was good, too! I know, how bad can a salad be? But, they had shreds of jicama. I got some spinach and mixed greens, shredded cucumbers, shredded jicama, shredded mozz and cottage cheese. When I mixed them all together, I got a fresh salad that was light and invigorating.

People with IBS will want to take a little care before considering this buffet if you can’t have spicy food. Also, you might want to check the menu first and have a backup plan. Vegetarians would love this place, there are options here and they are great. Vegans might find an issue with cross contamination since they do serve meat. It is next to a temple, and I got a few looks because I was wearing a backless summer dress with thin straps, but not a lot. There were quite a few people who weren’t Indian there, so don’t feel intimidated. Just enjoy the great food!

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