Joy Macarons

Having IBS, I’ve gone so long without desserts. When you can’t have pastries and cakes, you start to think that part of the world will never be open to you. Once I discovered that macarons are made with almond flour, I started to want them every time I saw them.

There is a place on Greenville called Joy that we always see. It’s an area we like to eat at, so I keep thinking about it and finally decided to give it a try. I don’t have a LOT of expectations, but knowing what macarons are capable of leaves me with a little bit of an expectation. So, here are the flavors I got and what I thought about them.

Italian Creme- light and sweet, reminds me of cake sheet frosting. Really good, a little sweet for my taste, perfect for a glass of milk.

Vanilla Bean- not overly sweet or overwhelming vanilla. More like light vanilla ice cream meets vanilla sheet cake. Delicious!

Matcha Green Tea- can taste the Matcha, but barely. More like a green tea with a creamy flavor. I would say it’s almost like a crunchy mochi. Not my favorite, but worth a try if you like matcha. If you don’t, it might be worth passing on.

Raspberry- jam-like flavor, super sweet and overwhelmingly so.

Chocolate- light brownie meets Nutella. Not overwhelmingly sweet, but keep the milk nearby. Especially if you have more macarons left to eat!

Salted Caramel- can taste the caramel and a bit of the saltiness. Not overwhelming or too sweet. Nice middle. Has a hint of vanilla to it, as well.

Honey and lavender- more lavender than honey, but lavender is always a strong flavor. There isn’t a lot of the honey, but it’s there. Lavender can be overwhelming, but I can taste it and it feels like it wants to lash out but it’s contained.

Violet and black currant- starts off with a good balance and the blackcurrant slowly steps to the front. Not incredibly sweet, more like a dark chocolate cookie. Leans a bit more towards dark chocolate, to me.

Lemon Fleur de Sel- very lemon tart tasting. Feels very bright and soft, but it was just a bit sweeter than I would like. Reminds me of those lemon Girlscout cookies.

Almond- tastes like cake. Maybe something from a kid’s party I went to when I was younger. It’s a little sweeter than I had hoped, but it tastes great! Have milk ready, you may or may not need it.

These macarons were good and there were some great flavors. I would say that my favorites were: Italian Cream, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Lemon Fleur de Sel. I think that the rest is dependent on the flavors you like. These snacks are great for dessert, but I would recommend staying closer to a six pack and possibly sharing with someone. I would think about having some milk around too, just in case. Also, if you like your macarons crispy on the outside and a firmer fluff on the inside, you might want to let them sit in the fridge overnight. I bought mine last night after dinner and had a couple. They were a little soft all around, so the outside crumbled a little more than it should. But, I left them in the fridge overnight and they were perfect! Just something to think about. And if you’re curious about the details, I used almond milk with my macarons. I thought it brought out the flavors a bit and I don’t like regular milk.

If you have IBS and sugar is a problem, you definitely want to steer clear of these. I don’t know if you could make it through even one without risking a flare. Vegans probably won’t want to try these, either. However, if you’re Vegetarian; this could be a good option for you. Also, if your IBS is like mine and you can’t have complex carbs (or half of the other foods in existence); you’ll be happy to know that macarons are made with almond flour. So, you can have these! But, again, if sugar is a problem for you (which it is for me if I have too much) then you want to keep an eye on it. I had an entire twelve pack and was fine, but every person is different. Listen to your body!

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