Rise No.1

I am always a fan of souffle. The bigger, the better! I don’t care if it’s savory or dessert, although obviously dessert is where I’ll lean. So, hearing about Rise No. 1 and all the great feedback meant that I had to try it. I heard so much about the marshmallow soup, that it was almost required to order it.

This soup is REALLY good! And for those of you that are getting a little grossed out, I don’t think it’s a marshmallow. I think it’s actually a small souffle. They aren’t sweet at all and almost remind me of dumplings. The soup is a tomato soup and tastes great, even on its own. This whole thing is a great concept that was perfectly executed and you can taste the amazing results in every spoonful!

I was torn between a few choices and went with the Cauliflower and Brie Souffle. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about chunks of cauliflower in my souffle, but Brie is always a winner and after the Marshmallow soup I realized that they deserve my trust and I probably have no idea what I’m judging it on. And I was right.

There weren’t any large chunks, just small ones. And this souffle was amazing! I devoured this thing like it was a Shmoo! It maintained it’s fluffy texture throughout the entree, consistently. And when I tell you it was like a cloud, I’m not over-exaggerating. There was a very unique fluffiness that even yielded when I tried to break it apart to eat it. But, it wasn’t a rubbery way. More like trying to…well…cut into a cloud.

And then, dessert!! Of course, we got the chocolate souffle. You can expect the same consistency, but with a cocoa-like flavor. The server offered to pour the chocolate sauce on top but, being wary of overwhelming sweetness, I declined.

We tried it first. And it was good, but I have to admit that once we poured the chocolate sauce it was exponentially better. Again, you have to trust your chef! Especially once they have already earned it!

If you have IBS issues with eggs, this isn’t going to be a place you can dine. Pretty much the entire menu is souffle. This will also rule out Vegans. Vegetarians could have a field day here, there are so many options! If you have IBS issues and can’t have cheese, you should still have an option or two. This place is definitely one I would recommend, even if it’s only for dessert! But, I’m sure you’ll want to try EVERYTHING!

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