Happy Gobble Gobble!

I’m still recovering, laying in bed. I was supposed to go out with my mom for lunch, but she wasn’t up to it either. I suppose that’s a good thing and a bad one. People always ask me what I can eat and can’t eat, so I thought today is a good day to write about it.

Being in recovery, I try to eat better. Usually I try to only have soups or silken tofu. Sometimes I have quinoa, but I always try to keep my foods very soft and easy to digest. Today was a bit of a problem. My mom.and I were supposed to go out and get some soup, but since we rescheduled I had to improvise. I tend to keep snack pouches around, in case of these situations. But, I found it too sweet. I remembered that I had tomatoes and bell peppers, so I had those with some ranch dressing. Later on, I made a quinoa soup. I think that taking liberties once in a while is ok. But, I wouldn’t do this again. While it won’t make me flare, it’s harder for my digestive system to work with. Once in a while, or in the event of lack of options is fine. But, I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

I’ll probably head off to sleep early, since I have a lot to do tomorrow. I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one! Or at least better than mine! 😉

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