Combo Soup and Meat- Taste of Korea

My husband and I were watching the Netflix show about street food (coincidentally called Street Food), when I got this craving for Korean food. Luckily, my husband refuses me no indulgence. And off to search we went!

We ended up choosing Taste of Korea because we wanted to go once and they were closed. When we were nearby and saw that they were opened, it seemed like an easy answer. We both love Korean food so much, that we have an unstated mission to eat it all!

When we arrived, we stood by the door wondering if we needed to be seated. But, if you decide to visit you will see that you don’t. You place your order at the counter and seat yourself. They call your number when it is ready and you pick it up. You will also need to get your utensils and napkins and there is a small machine for water. The staff is incredibly friendly and the lady actually waved me over when our food was ready and as my husband stood up, she said “Number 62, your order is ready!” as she smiled. It really seemed so sweet, like “Hey, I know you haven’t been here. Here is your food, number 62!”

I ordered the Bulkogi and Tofu soup, which was a combo. I really wanted to try a few things, but I played it a little safe. Dwight ended up getting a beef soup. Both of our soups were lava hot and served in the dolsot bowls (a stone bowl that keeps your meal hot). But, when we got to dig in we were really happy. The Bulkogi tastes similar to a roast beef that has an Asian twist to it. I was really happy about that, because I hate when it is too sweet. But, I love the savory taste and think that when it is done well it is beyond compare. The Tofu soup was great, also! It had that spicy pepper and broth base, some silken tofu and pieces of seafood. The seafood was a surprise, since it wasn’t mentioned on the menu. But, when I found a while shrimp (head and all!), squid and mussels; I just snapped out of confusion. I was just happy to have these little morsels of surprise to feast on.

I really loved eating at Taste of Korea. They didn’t know I was adding this to my blog, so this is an honest review and a sample of the service they offer everyone. I would recommend giving it a try, if you’re considering it. The flavors are authentic and felt like “soul food” (or maybe Seoul Food? Ok, bad dad joke.) that made me feel at home. It definitely tastes like you went to the home of a Korean friend’s mom after school. And that’s a nice feeling to have!

If you’re ever in Carrollton, look it up!

Taste Of Korea

2625 Old Denton Rd #540, Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 242-1248

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