Mac and Cheese- Bird’s Eye Steamfresh

Sometimes you just want to stay in. As an introvert, this tends to happen to me a lot. I also understand the feeling of not wanting to spend money on lunch. These veggie pastas have been my go-to for lunches like that. But, this is something new…MAC AND CHEESE!

I hadn’t seen it before, but this Mac and Cheese is SO GOOD! I haven’t had actual Mac and Cheese in at least fifteen years. But, this helped that craving immensely. I liked it so much that I ate two bags! The noodles tasted like normal noodles when they are a bit al dente. There was plenty of cheese, which was a problem in the previous cheese pastas. I hope that doesn’t change, because I loved my pasta drowning in all that cheesey flavor!

I bought mine at Target, but the barcode is shown; in case you want to see if your local grocery store has it. It’s definitely worth trying, even if you only get one bag. 😉

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