Meat Lover’s Breakfast- Sunny Street Cafe

Breakfast us something that I skip during the week, so when we go out on weekends I want to make sure it’s someplace I am going to enjoy. And Sunny Street is a great place for that.

The coffee is good and so is the food. The menu might not be very extensive, but the food is delicious and fast. It has a very local feel and I have never had bad service. All of the servers are exceptional, even when someone like me comes in and can’t eat everyone the menu.

I like the Meat Lover’s Breakfast; which comes with ham, bacon, eggs and a side. I always choose grits, because they are great here.

This is the part where I get weird. Since I was a child I LOVED grits mixed with bacon and eggs. You cut up the eggs and bacon onto small pieces and mix it all together.

I know, it sounds disgusting. It doesn’t look great, either. But, it tastes AMAZING! My husband thought I was crazy until he tried it. He won’t make it himself, but we always share mine.

Anyway, if you want a cozy diner with good food and coffee this is the place. The incredible service is just a bonus. You can find it here:

Sunny Street Cafe

5000 Western Center Blvd #370, Haltom City, TX 76137
(817) 428-9797

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