Butter Chicken- Fishtail Nepalese and Indian Cuisine

Being half Korean and Half Indian, I have a bit of a bias for the two cuisines. I have always loved them both, equally, and always felt lucky to have two incredibly rich cultures to be so proud of. I honestly can’t think of any culture I would rather have, on either side. And no matter what life has thrown me in the past, I wouldn’t change anything.

My husband and I have been to Fishtail a few times, but I had never written about it. So, here it is:

Waiting to be seated in this restaurant is never a problem. You very rarely have to wait for a table and the staff is quite prompt about finding you a table.

You’ll get a starter of Papdum and some sauces. The brown sauce is sweet, the green is a mint sauce and the red one is like pickled onions. They are all delicious and worth trying!

This time, I ordered the Butter Chicken and my husband ordered the Chicken Tikka. They both came in a bowl with their sauces and rice. You can also ask for Naan. I asked to have only the meat and sauce, no rice or bread. I thought the sauce was perfectly creamy and the chicken was cooked well. I thought it tasted really good and the sauce was amazing, even by itself! I started eating it like soup. I tried my husband’s chicken and found it just a little dry, but it was still very good. We were both really happy with our meals.

For dessert, we had the Gajar Ko Halwa. It is a carrot dessert with spices that has a similar taste to carrot cake. But since I can’t have carrot cake, I enjoy this dessert instead. We both enjoy it so much that it’s one of few dishes we don’t share. We each have to get our own. If you are a fan of chai, you will enjoy the Masala Chai here, as well.

If you would like to visit, here is the information:

FishTail Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

3508 Harwood Rd Suite 202, Bedford, TX 76021
(682) 325-4586


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