My name is Julie, I’m 37 and I live in Dallas, TX. I have IBS and am a Vegetarian. People are always asking me about my medical condition and what I eat, so I started this blog. I post information about IBS, food and tea. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is relative to each person, so I am sharing my journey. I hope you will find all this information helpful!

I first became symptomatic in 2005, was told I may have IBS in 2008 and finally diagnosed in 2014. Before that official diagnosis, I had seen seven doctors and been through countless tests. Even after all of that, I knew so little about my own body. I researched and learned little more. I thought that blogging about my journey would help others. Whether you are learning about IBS for yourself or because you want to help a loved one, I hope this site is a tool you can use!

If you have questions that you don’t see addressed, email me at julie@theemptystomach.com. I am always happy to help, in any way I can!